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Ladies Outfitters would like to wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you are enjoying family, friends, and most of all, all the great food.

But if you find yourself needing a break from all the frivolity, come and check out the site wide sales at Get a jump on your Black Friday shopping with an awesome selection of dresses, shoes, handbags, accessories and general apparel.

And best of all, you get FREE SHIPPING on all orders made on Turkey Day! What an awesome way to begin your holiday shopping…from the comfort of your home, without the crazy lines and frenzied shoppers.

Get your gobble on, fashionistas!

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Here at Ladies Outfitters, we know that an outfit is not complete until it is accessorized. Of course, accessories don’t just mean jewelry, but handbags as well! Unfortunately, sometimes all the little things that make an outfit extra special don’t get as much attention as the clothes. But when your handbags and accessories are as fabulous as the ones at Ladies Outfitters, you just have to give them their moment in the spotlight!

So we put together three tips on how you can build outfits around your handbags and accessories, making them the stars. 

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Get the Evening Bag!

Jun 25, 2013 5:14:28 PM

The evening bag is every woman’s dream come true. Without the bag, there would literally be no outfit and without an outfit your fabulous self would be sitting home looking for a new evening bag. Are we right? The evening bag is this beautiful thing that comes in an unlimited amount of variations from shapes, sizes, fabrics, colors, embellishments, etc. etc. This list of how many evening bags we love would take too long to write in one day so we just wanted to narrow it down and show you our favorite three from our accessory collection. All of the bags are so different and yet they all serve us the same purpose: hold our lip gloss and cell phone and obviously complement the outfit. Evening bags can be very formal to a little more casual and playful because every occasion calls for variation and you do not want you to be stuck with just one or two, this time we want you to get a little overwhelmed and get them all because just like shoes, you can never have enough clutches. 

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Go Turquoise for Prom 2013

Apr 2, 2013 12:55:20 PM

When you think prom colors, you may be considering the traditional black, white, silver, gold, or anything that really shines and makes an impression but have you ever considered going the bright, exotic route? How about trying turquoise for your 2013 prom night. The blue/green color is unusual and yet so very, very special. When worn, it will make you feel sexy, unique, and it has that amazing effect that all bright colors have; it will make your skin glow and look tanned so you can ditch those fake tanning beds and really stand out in a color that is actually known to stand out. The name of this beautiful color comes from the actual name of the stone that we all know of today. The gem was believed to originally be named Turquie, which is French for Turkey. This color was the richest blue color known to man, ancients like the Egyptians used it for rings, necklaces, masks, and other jewelry. The gem was often times used to good luck, with the notion that it can bring health to animals and humans with medicine men at the time carrying the stone around in their medicine bags. The love of this color is evident today in the current fashion. The color just literally brings life to everything it is on. Your prom is all about the most important day of your life so why not make the night stand out in your history as that epic night where you made a few jaws drop and a few heads turn because you wore that spectacular color. Celebs have caught on with the turquoise trend for quite some time now because lets just face it, their stylists know what’s hot and what flatters the most so lets take a look at some of the classic and beautiful turquoise trends of some amazing red carpet events. Ladies Outfitters is then bringing you turquoise for your prom in the form of dresses, shoes, and hand bags because there is no limit with how you can wear this pretty, bright hue. 

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Not so Basic Black for Prom

Mar 28, 2013 7:06:51 PM

Your prom night is this awaited event that you must be looking forward to for the past few months if not more. This means that you are on the search for the perfect prom dress and shoes and accessories to match of course. When looking at prom dresses, you may be overwhelmed by the huge selection of styles so why not let Ladies Outfitters help you narrow it down to the one color you cannot go wrong with; black. A classic black dress is the epitome of elegance and femininity. Black is slimming, graceful and the best part is that it matches everything! You may be thinking that a black dress will not get you noticed on that much anticipated night but on the contrary, classic black, especially the kinds of black dresses Ladies Outfitters carries will certainly get you noticed AND remembered. According to Michel Pastoureau in one of his academic works “Black: The History of Color” he explains what the color stood for, in short: authority, holiness, rebellion, wealth, and good. He also said that in the medieval era, black became the habit of courtiers and a hallmark of royal luxury. So you see, black is a universally beautiful and most coveted color. The classic black dress is no longer boring and will definitely allow you to shine the brightest you have ever shone on this very special night of yours. We do of course love to take inspiration from many a red carpet event so let’s see how black has worked so well on some of our favorite people in society and then let’s get you all suited up for your prom night in a gorgeous black dress.  

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