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It’s all in the Prom Shoes

Apr 19, 2013 5:54:16 PM

This little blog is all about the shoes! Yes your prom needs an incredible dress but in order to stand tall and dance the night away you need an incredible pair of shoes as well! Ladies Outfitters is on top of our shoe game and we have everything you need to make your amazing prom dress look even more amazing. Shoes literally make an outfit; they add that little something and can make a woman feel sexy, confident, and tall. We have everything from the latest styles to the most classic and timeless styles around. Want to dazzle? Check out some glitter pumps, want to shine? Get some patent leather beauties. Want something a little dangerous and sexy? Try on some spikes pumps for size. No matter what your shoe style is Ladies Outfitters is here to give you all the options and to help you find that pair of shoes that will quiet literally MAKE the night unforgettable. 

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Prints for Prom

Apr 17, 2013 6:52:31 PM

When an event like prom approaches, you obviously want to stand out and get noticed. Now while everyone around you may be wearing some amazing creation of a dress that is bright red or neon blue and covered in sequins galore, you may want to consider going a completely unique route and trying on the printed gown for size. Your printed gown will come a variation of colors, shapes, and art work. The gown you wear will express who you are and what you love instead of telling the world simply what your favorite color is. The printed gown can be spring time ready or even follow the trend of some of the great modern artists like Jackson Pollock, Pablo Picasso, and Vincent van Gogh. Whichever style is your favorite when it comes to the printed dress, you will definitely be the center of the prom dance floor. The gowns Ladies Outfitters carries are long, high low, include cut outs and beading and everything in between. We have one shoulder, strapless, v-neck, empire waist and just about anything else you can possibly imagine. Get to searching through our multi colored dress section today and introduce yourself to all the possibilities of what a printed dress can do for your special night. 

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Prom Under $100

Mar 6, 2013 7:17:39 PM

You prom night is a around the corner and you are rushing to find that perfect dress to make your perfect night. There are so many options out there and it may be overwhelming but the great thing is that you don’t need to worry any longer because Ladies Outfitters is your one stop shop to every thing that has to do with prom dresses. When searching for the perfect gown you want to focus more on style rather than price and with dresses that are under $100, now you can! We have everything from short and sequined, to long and luxurious, to the ever popular high low style and everything is priced just right so you can focus on the way the dress looks and not how your wallet feels. Ladies Outfitters is focused on getting you into the hottest dresses at the lowest prices and the way we do that is by working with amazing designers who want their customers in the best for the lowest price. Ladies Outfitters is also very known for giving you the best promotions to make your prom purchase even lower so all you have left at the end of the day is a beautiful prom dress that doesn’t harm your finances. We of course love to look to celebrities for inspiration on what prom dresses we want our customers to get a hold of so it is no surprise that many of our prom dresses are amazing imitations of high end designer dresses that would make our wallets sad. So here they are! Prom dresses of all kinds all under $100. 

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Red Hot

Mar 2, 2013 3:50:28 PM

When wearing the color red, one must be confidant, walk tall, and make sure to be comfortable with having a whole lot of attention on them. If this is something you crave then we recommend wearing red to your 2013 prom! Your prom night is a night all about getting attention and getting the most of it. It will be a night neither you nor your classmates will forget so you want to make sure to leave a lasting impression with your dress and of course your awesome personality but it is the dress that everyone will see first. Red is one of the warmest and fiercest colors at the same time. Red represents prosperity and joy, it also represents fire, passion, love, energy, and enthusiasm. It is a color that definitely stands out and makes a great long lasting impression. The bright hue comes in different forms anywhere from bright, to dark, to lighter and everything in between. When it comes to red and prom dresses, Ladies Outfitters has exactly what you need for that most memorable night and the shoes to go with it. When it comes to our red dresses, we have everything from short lengths, to gowns that sway and flow in the breeze, and even those very sexy cuts that flatter the legs and will make you never want to take the dress off. If you are daring and bold enough to go all red than we have some perfect shoes to pair with your red dress but if you want to keep it simple then take those red hot shoes and pair them up with a classic little black dress that will make your red shoes be the highlight of the outfit. However you wear red, be sure you bring the right attitude to match the true passion the colors brings out. 

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Oscar Night Fashion 2013

Feb 25, 2013 4:13:24 PM

Ahh…the Oscar’s; the great all American award show that highlights and presents to us all the great films of the past year. These films are judged and critiqued on everything from the makeup, costumes, actors, directors, visual effects, sound, music, and everything and everyone in between who guided in the making of the film. It is the film academy that chooses the honored winner who gets to take home a gold statue and gets the Oscar title on their film for the rest of history. This time honored tradition is known to open up our eyes to great films and honor those who have contributed to the world of Hollywood movie making. It is also one of the only traditions that open up our eyes to amazing fashion. You cannot have a award show without a red carpet and you cannot have a red carpet without having some beautiful celebrities walk it. These celebrities prepare for these events and unlimited camera by wearing something so outstanding, it goes down in fashion history as some of best or worst dresses around. Last night, on February 24th, the Oscars proved to own some of the most amazing dresses on the red carpet and we simply could not get enough. We wish we can mention simply everyone we loved but there would not be enough room here so today we only mention some favorites and show you how with Ladies Outfitters you too can look Oscar red carpet ready with some of the incredible gowns we offer. We have the most popular and coveted looks around including mermaid style, sequined, and bedazzled. Everything you need to make a glamorous red carpet impression is here in a one stop dress shop. 

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