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Quinceañera/Quinceanera Dresses

Quinceañera/Quinceanera Dresses

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Quinceañera Dresses from Ladies Outfitters

Celebrate your special day in style!
A Quinceañera is a coming of age celebration in the Mexican tradition. It occurs on a girl's 15th birthday and signifies her transition from girl to woman. The tradition involves a church ceremony and a formal party celebration in which the girl dances with her accompanying chambelán, (dance partner). During her Quinceañera, a girl wears a traditional ball gown, full of rich layers, a fitted bust, a crown, and high heels. We have just the perfect dress for you, whether you want a long or short dress!

Your Quinceanera done right!
So you've made it to this great honor! Congratulations and thank you for letting Ladies Outfitters guide you in choosing the perfect dress that everyone will remember forever.This occasion calls for the most memorable dress you can imagine and it must be bold, colorful, and beautiful. Cinderella is known to make dresses just for this occasion like the ruched sweetheart sequined bust with jeweled empire waist and ruffled high low skirt. The dress is ideal for an event like this one because it will allow you shine like you have never shined before. Another bright creation is the jeweled and pleated ruffled hem high-low dress from Cinderella as well. The bright neon under layer of this dress and the tangerine orange color is enough to make this dress remembered for a long time after your party. Something a little less subtle but every bit as colorful and perfect is the Ignite multi print v-neck gown with jeweled empire waist. Wearing any one of our gorgeous dresses will make your honored night that much better! 

Your Quinceanera for less!
You'll save on the perfect Quinceañera dress and have extra money for whatever else life throws your way. At Ladies Outfitters, we don't think you ever have to spend a lot of money to get the perfect Quinceañera dress! Ladies Outfitters has helped sort through all the possibilities and chosen only the best for its customers. You can be sure that every single Quinceañera dress you look at has been chosen for its quality, comfort, and incredible style!

Shopping for your dress!
Skip the lines and crowded fitting rooms. Go online and free yourself of overbearing malls. Browse our entire stock of Quinceañera dresses and find the one you've always been dreaming of. You'll be left with enough money to buy yourself matching accessories...or a second dress!

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